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Latest project: My VIP Rewards - Offers & Discounts Directory System + App

Working with Maddy, we built the My VIP Rewards (formally My VIP Card) website using a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce technology, allowing the rapid development of the new platform in under 2 months.

+ Data review and import of 2200+ businesses and over 4000 users
+ Massively improved the technology stack to be fit-for-purpose
+ Automated multiple manual data and time-consuming processes
+ Integration of subscription and membership tools utilising Stripe payments

The project

My VIP Rewards is the app that saves you money on anything and everything! Their users save an average of £500 a year.

The website and app allows users to save on their supermarket shop, online shopping, food deliveries, days out, gifts , retail and more!

Project budget £10,000 to £14,000

Further work


OKButton Metal Health support app for iOS

Are you OK? It's good to know. Riselabs is sponsoring the development of the OKButton app. A simple micro-network app for checking in with friends and loved ones.

PlanPoint A55 App and Suite

Riselabs worked with Opals Group to develop PlanPoint. An app designed to reduce paper waste on A55s in their business, that evolved into a SASS platform with interest from the likes of OpenReach and Morrison Utility Services.

Stratech Web and Search Indexing System for products

Stratech eCommerce website features a custom-built product management service powered by ElasticSearch to search 3.2 million scientific products in seconds.

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