Riselabs is your app development company

Every day we provide app and software development services to individuals, businesses and startups. We work with startups to build out MVP ideas. We work with businesses to save time on legacy software. And we work with corporations looking for app software expertise.

Bring in the professionals. We build apps, we support ideas and we know how to create successful products.

Brand new app ideas

Find out how we can get your idea from concept, to MVP, to funded, to epic.

Less paper = faster business

Get a consultation on your existing business processes and see where you can save time today.

Legacy software re-development

Is your business running on old and outdated software?

Big Data: Web Platforms & Web Applications

Work with Riselabs to build big data systems and improve your online ROI.

Refreshingly better product development

Riselabs work with you, your team and your business to build better app products. We’ll advise best practice and help navigate the problematic nature of product development using our many years of experience.

Building an app can be daunting – how do you start? Where do you start? Spec, design or code? We offer free initial consultations to get to know each other. During which, you can ask us questions, and we’ll help you build confidence in your project.

Why work with Riselabs?

We’re a small, unique and well-crafted team of designersdevelopersproject managers and business development experts. Our captain at the helm is Jackson Howell, an experienced UX designer, system and app developer with over 15 years experience.

We work with businesses and individuals to bring ideas to market. If you choose to work with Riselabs, you’ll start one of many conversations about everything you’re looking to achieve. We’ll handle the technical stuff; you handle your fantastic idea. We’re the tech expert you’ve always wanted – ask our clients.

Seriously good product development

One of our core goals when working with clients is to build time-efficient products. For example, PlanPoint App: a paper form replaced with an app, taking the per-form process time from 50 minutes to just 5 minutes on average.

  • PlanPoint App took form filling from 50 minutes to just 5 minutes on average
  • We took an old process and re-engineered it
  • Using our expertise, we took time to work out what users wanted
  • Every business suffers from one or many slow processes
  • Riselabs develop efficient ways of working
  • We’ll help you work out your ROI expectations on investing in software

Be gone app development agency; now is the time for relationship building!

Some of our amazing clients

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