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We make a business process 80% more efficient by developing apps

PlanPoint App: a paper form replaced with an app, taking the per-form process time from 50 minutes to just 5 minutes on average.

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App Development

We design and develop iOS and Android apps based on detailed specifications, either provided by yourself or working with our app consultants to produce a technical writeup.

Platform Development

Riselabs develop supporting platforms for our apps. Store and deliver data to an app front-end, or manage users and content remotely. Think SaSS management, service and systems controls.

Web Development

We provide supporting website development to supplement your app and platform project. Our team can work with you to rapidly build a front to your project, allowing the onboarding of users quickly.

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App + Platform + Website

Riselabs build apps that can connect to a backend system or platform to deliver updated content directly to an app. For example, deploying article or media content directly to the user.

A website is then used to drive traffic to the app or service, allowing signups for your product or service.

Our process



Discuss your application with our technical app consultants, and allow them to build up a concept of your business objectives for your app idea. We will then take your provided knowledge and write up a technical specification for the project.



Our user experience designers will work on your concept based on the provided technical specifications to create wireframes, system maps and design a prototype of the app for our development team to work along-side and follow.



Our developers will begin work on any backend platform requirements before the design is complete so that we can start to work with data once the app is ready to develop. If the app is standalone, our developers will work with the design team on the build and deployment of your app.



Once your app and platform are live, we will work with you to support and manage the technical requirements of running a system. We can work with you on and manage payments, subscriptions and marketing. Our SLA will provide you and your system operational peace of mind.

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