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Featured innovation: The PlanPoint A55 iOS & Android App

Working with our client, OpalsGroup, we designed and developed the PlanPoint Suite to drive efficiency for utilities based tasks, from the planning jobs in the back office to carrying out essential work in the field.

Reduced paperwork from 20 minutes to 5 minutes
Removed wasted paper A55 sheets
Improved engineer uptake by 300%

The project

Working with Opals Group, we built an app to quickly and accurately create everything field teams need to complete tasks.

The app empowers teams to respond with ease, sharing data in real-time. No paper, no queries and no delay.

Consultancy, app and platform design + development

Further work


OKButton Metal Health support app for iOS

Are you OK? It's good to know. Riselabs is sponsoring the development of the OKButton app. A simple micro-network app for checking in with friends and loved ones.

PlanPoint A55 App and Suite

Riselabs worked with Opals Group to develop PlanPoint. An app designed to reduce paper waste on A55s in their business, that evolved into a SASS platform with interest from the likes of OpenReach and Morrison Utility Services.

Stratech Web and Search Indexing System for products

Stratech eCommerce website features a custom-built product management service powered by ElasticSearch to search 3.2 million scientific products in seconds.

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