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Book your E-commerce Digital Innovations Power-Session!

Want to get more out of your business e-commerce tech? Is old software holding you back, or is a website or app not quite working as expected? Book a free (usual price £200) power session with Jackson and get those questions answered!

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About The Power Session

1 hour
Value of £200
Free Post-meet Actions

Need help with a website?

Are you curious about Shopify vs. WooCommerce? Is your website running slow, or is customer data vanishing? Keeping on top of a website can be a chore. We can review your website, see what’s happening and make your life easier.

Puzzled about AI?

AI is here and impacting all of our businesses. So, how can you get the most out of Artificial Intelligence? From using ChatGPT effectively to write copy and solve tasks to building AI into your service or product, we can devise the best way to utilise this amazing technology.

Is the software in your business not quite ticking all the boxes?

Every business like yours uses various software, from CRMs to task management suites. We can review what you’re using to run the day-to-day and see if there are quick and easy improvements to make.

Do you have an app that’s dropping the ball?

It’s all too easy for an app to fall into disrepair. With cryptic messages from Apple and Google about compliance updates or customer feedback on desperately needed features, we can chat through what needs to be done and make progress today.

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