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The True Cost of a Bad Hire In Tech: Beyond the Bottom Line

Picture this: You've just recruited a new developer. On paper, they looked brilliant. The hiring process went great, and the new employee is the perfect fit for your team and that critical project you're working on. Fast forward three months, and you're tearing your hair out. The code's a mess, deadlines are slipping, and your team's morale is plummeting faster than a lead balloon. Sound familiar? You're not alone. Bad tech hires are more common than you might think, and their impact goes far beyond just wasted salary. Let's dive into the hidden costs that can sting your business.
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5 Signs Your Tech Project is Headed for Trouble (And How to Course Correct)

Picture this: Your business is innovating. You've got a new project idea, and it'll make all the difference to your company's workload, making your team happier, your customers spending more, and the profits roll in. You've adopted the role of Project Sponsor. But it's been months, and your project schedule is off track. You can't seem to launch anything, and customers are growing weary of your current technology, be it a website, app, or system. What's going wrong? And how do you establish a plan of action to correct the course?
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Make your business more profitable by working on these 9 areas

If you're a business owner, you're likely trying to make a profit by increasing sales. A focus on increasing profit is a critical goal for any business, right? However, discovering other ways to increase profit and make your business more profitable is pivotal for sustained growth and success.  This guide delves into nine effective strategies, focusing on productivity enhancements and efficient practices, whether you're an established SME or a new business.
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5 steps to improve business productivity with software

In the dynamic realm of modern business, 'productivity' is more than a buzzword – it's a benchmark for success. However, achieving optimal and improved productivity often stumbles upon a roadblock: software inefficiencies. From outdated systems to poorly integrated tools, these inefficiencies can thwart a business's progress and impede growth, especially in remote work environments. And that costs money.
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Continuous Tech Support to Keep Your Business Ahead

Ensure your platforms and systems never miss a beat with Riselabs’ ongoing support and enhancement services. In the digital world, staying static means staying caught up. Riselabs’ ongoing support ensures that your technology evolves with your business needs, driving sustained growth and preventing future issues. Why Ongoing Support is Essential Reliability Maintain high availability and performance with regular updates and proactive troubleshooting." We monitor your systems round the clock to preemptively address issues before they affect your operations. Security Stay protected against emerging security threats with continuous security updates and compliance checks. Our team keeps your systems secure against the…
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Discover the Perfect Tech Solution for Your Business

What is a Discovery Phase? It is a bespoke plan that understands your needs and outlines clear steps to success. Every successful project starts with a solid plan. At Riselabs, our Discovery Phase aligns our tech expertise with your business goals. We don’t just build systems; we build the right solutions. How We Create Your Custom Plan We break this down into milestones, for example, with a web project: Milestone 1: Project Kickoff Objective: Officially start the project, introduce the team members, and align on communication protocols. Key Activities: Initial meeting to discuss project vision, objectives, and expectations. Introduction of…
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