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Software Automation: Beyond Just Being Efficient

Businesses often expect software automation to drive efficiency – but what else might it do for you?

Look for the Bottlenecks

First up, you’ll want to assess what you’re looking to improve. Automating various parts of your end to end process can yield a range of results, so examining your current process should precede any decision you make before adopting technology.  If you’ve already looked at your processes in granular detail and are actively focused on improving one or several parts of it, then read on.

Efficiency – What Else?

Businesses often believe that employing process automation will help them to get more efficient. Absolutely. If you’re a Director and you’re doing the data entry, that’s simply not the best driver of revenue. If you’re hiring extra staff that will contribute to inefficient processes, you’re multiplying the effects of inefficiency. When justifying whether automation is worth it, I would always recommend you examine the money you are already losing due to bad process.

But wait, there’s more. That time saved can be appropriated elsewhere in the business that might be more profitable or useful; improvements often breed business intelligence that you can learn from.  The nature of software ensures that real data exists that might previously have been fragmented, which can now be better reported on. What’s more, you can keep refining and iterating this for continuous improvement. As a business grows, that automation mindset is key, because your processes shift and you will experience different technical challenges.

Of course, much of the intelligence gleaned and the effect it can have is dependent on what you’re choosing to automate. Marketing and Sales Automation can help you to segment your customers and get a better insight into which products have the most appeal and, potentially, what the cost of acquisition is. Connecting two departments together, for example, can also bring about clarity of communication and a slicker method of moving a customer through the process.

Automation has the capacity to offer considerable benefits to most businesses if well planned and executed. Undoubtedly, this can be a time and money saver for your business, whilst driving intelligence and that can add some real value to decision making and strategy moving forward.

What are your process issues? Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss them.

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