Our exceptional design & development services

Riselabs provide app and software development services to individuals, businesses and startups.
What can we help you with?

App development

You and us. We’ll work with you to create a new product and, with our expertise in app development, take it to market.

  • Build out new or existing ideas with us
  • We’ll protect your idea under our NDA
  • Develop for iOS and Android with either bespoke or hybrid frameworks
  • We’ve got the expertise in design and development
  • We know how apps work. We know what doesn’t!
  • We support everything from idea to ongoing development

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Building softwareapps and systems is a long process – one of which takes significant planning. Don’t worry, that’s why you’ve got Riselabs. We’ll help facilitate the digital transformation from older systems and paper processes, into new digital methods.

Our product experts will work with you to define the reasons and scope of your transformation requirements. We know how appssoftwareplatforms and legacy systems work – so we’re ideally placed to consult with your team on upgrading and improving your company systems and software. In just about any area.

Web Platforms & Web Applications

Web Platforms

We build platforms to connect apps to more extensive systems using APIs, to send and store data remotely.

Web Applications

Web apps can be entirely standalone, providing an online service or SaaS product

Legacy Software Redevelopment

Is your business looking to replace legacy software? It’s incredible how much time older systems can take up – from slow data processing to data loss and user frustration. At Riselabs, we can work with you to assess the systems you have in place and advise on suitable ways to replace legacy software in your business.

Take a look at our legacy software time and money calculator to see if you have a process or system in place that is costing your team time and money.