Startech Web + Search Indexing System for 3.2 MILLION products

Stratech is powered by an immense 3.2 million product database built into AWS and Elastic Search

With a WordPress front end for easy content management, the backend of Stratech features a custom-built product management service powered by ElasticSearch to deliver search results of over 3.2 million products in mear seconds.

Our custom-built middle-man service takes a 2GB MySQL database managed by the client, and indexes all of the products into a searchable and queriable format on the website.


Startech Web + Search Indexing System for 3.2 MILLION products


2016 – ongoing

  • Website
  • Design
  • Multiple Contact and Booking forms
  • Content layouts
  • Sliders
  • Hosted and Supported since 2016
  • eCommerce
  • Custom CakePHP search indexing system
  • Rapid delivery of search results
  • Full query dataset
  • Upload tools and index triggers

Ongoing Development

Riselabs continue to work with Stratech every week, tweaking and improving the search algorithm system and indexing service.

Amazing Results

We’re proud to show how with a straightforward system, we managed to handle over 3.2 million products and return search results within a second or less.

Do you have vast amounts of products you need to showcase online?

Cost up a big web platform project like this!

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