The Luxe App: Advanced Stock Management System for The Jewellers Market

We developed The Luxe App, a robust web-based stock management system tailored for the jewellery industry. This solution transitioned The Jewellers Market from a fragile local database to a secure, globally accessible web app.

The Jewellers Market (Zebrak)


Client Benefits
  • Accessibility: Inventory data is accessible globally, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Security: Transitioning from a local database to a web app ensures data integrity and reduces the risk of data loss.
  • Efficiency: Users can quickly and easily add new products during trade shows or client visits.
  • Customization: The system captures comprehensive product details, catering specifically to the jewellery industry.
  • Scalability: Ongoing development includes e-commerce integration, broadening the app’s capabilities.
Technology & Methods Implemented
  • Web Development: Created a responsive web application accessible from any device.
  • Data Security: Implemented robust data storage and backup solutions to ensure data integrity.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: Designed an intuitive interface for easy navigation and data entry.
  • Inventory Management: Developed advanced features for detailed product information and efficient inventory tracking.
  • E-commerce Integration: Working on adding e-commerce functionalities to expand the app’s usage.

Project Overview

The Jewellers Market, a prominent player in the jewellery industry, relied on a local inventory management system built on Microsoft Access Database. This setup posed significant risks due to data fragility and potential loss. They needed a more resilient and accessible solution to manage their inventory, especially during trade shows and client visits.

Our Impact

We developed The Luxe App, a comprehensive web application designed to meet the specific needs of the jewellery industry. This system allows The Jewellers Market to access their inventory from anywhere in the world on any device, ensuring their data is always secure and readily available.

The Luxe App goes beyond traditional inventory management by enabling users to efficiently stock new items while on the go. The system is designed to capture extensive product details, making it easy for users to manage their inventory with precision.

Currently, we are collaborating with The Jewellers Market to enhance The Luxe App with e-commerce capabilities, further expanding its functionality and value.

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