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What is Software as a Service (SaaS) and how does it work?

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly popular way to deliver software. SaaS is a software delivery model where applications are hosted by the provider and made available to customers over the internet. Customers can access and use the application, typically through a web browser (desktop and mobile), while the provider manages the infrastructure and security.
June 21, 2022

Why you should consider building an MVP

An MVP is a small version of your product that you can use to test your idea and get user feedback. It's important to remember that the MVP isn't a finished product; it's just meant to help you validate your idea. So start by figuring out what the core features of your product are and then build a simple version of those features. Once you have your MVP, reach out to potential users and get their feedback. Based on that feedback, you can decide whether or not to continue developing your product.
May 26, 2022
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How to spot lousy website design before it’s too late

Web designers, developers and website owners can frustrate their visitors by not paying attention to the little details. Some of the biggest offenders are websites with slow page loading times, hidden links, intrusive ads and confusing navigation. By creating a bad user experience, these sites are driving people away in droves. You've probably heard the saying, "the devil is in the details." Well, that's certainly true when it comes to website design. Even the most minor details can ruin your site's user experience and drive visitors away in droves if you're not careful. In this article, we'll look at some…
May 11, 2022
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Riselabs Mutual NDA for sharing ideas

We appreciate that you might be sat on the next big thing. Bubbling away in your head, scribbled down on notes and perfectly articulated in a business plan might be the next Deliveroo, or PayPal. And to talk about that idea openly, with a complete stranger, is quite worrying. That's why we've created the Riselabs mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that we're happy to sign before you tell us too much about your great idea. Of course, we will always protect your idea and anything you tell Riselabs is always treated as confidential - but we understand that our word might…
October 11, 2020