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Make your WordPress theme work with 50% off help services

Completely change, update, improve and fix your WordPress theme for as little as £150 £75! 🔥 (Prices ex VAT) Ever bought a theme and it’s just… not what you expected? We take WordPress themes you love and turn them into actual working websites. Out of the box, themes aren’t websites. They are blueprints ready for your content, images and branding. Themes require extensive setup and curation to become powerful websites. Our website is a theme! But you wouldn’t recognise it at all - that’s because we’ve used the best bits and extended it considerably. Stop buying themes hoping for a miracle! Great themes are great! But they are 10% of the puzzle! Out of the box, you’ll get all the tools you need, but you still have to put it all together and make it work. Love that theme but want… more? We can take a WordPress theme and extend it with e-commerce (woo-commerce), new features and abilities, such as subscriptions, memberships, forums, messaging services, security enhancements, listings and directory systems or even total conversion (e.g. hide WordPress entirely). Even calendars, events, bookings, rewards platforms, search directories and scientific research materials. We know all the themes Well, almost. We’re highly…
18th November 2021