You've got the data. What can you do with it?

Riselabs develop web applications that make complex business processes simple and efficient by making the most of the data you already have, and helping you streamline further data acquisitions.

Let's get that data online for your users to access securely

Developing a web platform for your businessproduct or service gives your audience a valuable tool to work with your company. From estate agent portals to large-scale company personal management systems; Riselabs helps you develop a web application or platform that suits your business needs.

We help you take your idea from concept through to fully operational and live.

What is a web app or web platform?

Here are a few examples:

Sales & Pipeline tool development

Design and develop your ideal business process for your website or front-of-house system.

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management)

We are experts in what already exists, and what you can build yourself to fit your company process.

Bespoke business process

Take a process in your business and remove the manual tasks that can cost your organisation thousands a year.

App & Data

Process data from apps and connect your platform to a bigger API

Typical business process that use data

App supported data

When building an app front end, you’re likely to need to connect it to a bigger system. Rarely, outside of games apps and local data processing apps (like photography apps), do apps work standalone.

At Riselabs, we analyse the need for data processing services to take the heavy lifting off your app and provide the user with additional benefits.

Here’s just a few benefits of a app-connected platform:

  • Sending the user fresh data or information to their app
  • Allowing them to log in and store personal information
  • The user can upload and save data without risk of loss
  • Centrally managed data is easy to work with and report on

Common questions around Platform & Software Development

What is Software Automation?

Software automation concerns using software to re-engineer any process in your business to improve efficiency and increase value.

Automation can stem from creating autonomy where manual processes exist, or by making certain system communicate with each other more effectively to make your business more efficient.

What is Software Innovation?

Riselabs define software innovation as development that either solves a problem or create a new service that is different from what already exists.

Within innovation projects, Riselabs can support you through the planning process of what is achievable, road mapping the best route to success before development.

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