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We live in the golden age of directory websites and platforms.

With the rise in popularity of sites like AirBnB, Just Eat, and Expedia, it’s hard to imagine life without these online one-stop-shops that offer convenient and user-friendly services.

But what makes a good directory website?

Common features include extensive contact listings, whether these are members of the platform or local businesses, as well as map integration and secure online payment systems. Members of the site will often have access to sophisticated back-end templates which allow for easy editing, updating and deletion of their listings.

Ultimately, accessibility is key. Directory sites will invariably include simple membership sign up as well as a wealth of benefits and offers. Also, some of the bigger examples, notably Just Eat, will have app integration for both iOS and Android devices.

Though the household names mentioned above are examples of best practice and what these sites can ultimately grow to be, here are 5 of our favourites which either offer lesser-known services, or could easily be emulated, due to their simple designs and functionality.


In their own words, “are passionate about helping people find what they need and helping the businesses that provide these services succeed.” Founded in 2014, the site has extensive listings for professionals of every stripe, so whether you need a magician or a personal trainer, they will be able to fulfil your needs.

The site itself has a very crisp design and sets out popular search times in an accessible slide table. In addition, you can easily join as a professional and ensure that your business or service is listed with ease.


Folks are desperate to get away and Vrbo is an excellent directory of holiday rentals from around the world. In the same vein as AirBnB, the platform allows customers to search for holiday lets or list their own properties.

The site breaks down listings very easily, and even offers a simple inspirations table, which has helpful caveats such as “pets welcome”, “free cancellation” or number of bedrooms. In this time of uncertainty, it’s good to know exactly what you are getting and Vrbo strives to offer that service.


Betalist is a fantastic website for startups, focussing specifically on listing betas and early access for apps. It is a community of entrepreneurs showcasing their startups and exchanging feedback. The site allows you to browse and support an extensive list of startups which are updated daily.

Considered a “must have” in terms of early access app and platform beta’s, betalist has established a robust online community where developers and entrepreneurs can meet and refine their products, while also staying ahead of the curve in terms of modern mobile technology.


Event and ticket sites are pretty ubiquitous these days, and though Ents24 is not quite as large as some of its competitors, it has a wide range of events on it’s listings.

Boasting that it is “built for fans” the site itself is simple, minimalistic and accessible. It shows users trending events, and also has a simple search function which allows you to find tickets in any number of cities, or for any tour, show or entertainment that you can think of!

Do you have an idea for a directory site or platform? Whether it be for local service listings, or even an in-house digital business platform, Riselabs can help make this a reality.

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