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Basecamp is a simple project management tool. It promotes easy collaboration, including to-dos, files, messages, schedules and milestones. What’s more, it all runs from a central dashboard.


HubSpot provides a dedicated CRM including marketing and sales functions, allowing you to communicate with leads, clients and track the journey.


Pingdom ensures you can monitor websites and servers with ease and gain performance insights, both through alerts and your account.


Asana allows you to manage projects to fit your team’s needs, setting to dos, deadlines and delegation to track team progress.


Beanstalk is a workflow for writing, reviewing and deploying code, also allowing you to manage repository and branch level permissions.

How Might an Amazon Echo be Useful for Business?

Most of us are familiar with the Amazon Echo, released in the UK last year and available considerably earlier to US buyers who were members of Amazon’s Prime Service. A voice controlled device with some pretty intuitive digital assistant capabilities, it’s aimed towards the domestic market, with steady, ongoing improvements to its AI.