About us

Riselabs is a growing idea development company – and that’s how we started; let’s team up to build out a clients idea. It grew from there.

Our goal & mission

“Our mission is to build, develop and work on industry-changing ideas that make peoples lives in business easier and more efficient”

Jackson Howell, Founder

Riselabs ❤️’s startup ideas

Riselabs now has worked on hundreds of client projects, some did not come to be, lots are live and thriving, and many still ongoing with our skill-diverse team. I particularly like working with startups, both small and corporate-level, as my expertise thrive in a challenging environment where we know the end goal, but need to work out all of the elements to get there. 

Why the name "Riselabs"?

The company name, Riselabs, is a mix between two concepts: to “rise” and fly, growing and launching into the world. And “labs“, the idea of a laboratory-type environment where ideas are experimented on and eventually graduate to real world-helping products or services.

What is the logo?

The logo is our airship! I, the founder, love airships and a little bit of steampunk. I loved the idea that Riselabs – as a concept – was always striving to build better technology to “fly” and that the airship represents those advancements in technology.

What do all the flying metaphors mean?

You’ll see things “launchpad“, “flying” and “airborne” dotted around in our language. As our logo is an airship, we use these metaphors to promote taking an idea from the ground, in a hangar, to flight.


Projects worked on since founding in 2016


Team members across the world


Cups of coffee consumed

Our Riselabs journey


Riselabs Founded

Riselabs originally co-founded in 2016 as a joint venture to work with potential clients who had amazing startup business ideas.


Riselabs grows to a larger team with an office in Peterborough

As our client base grows, we bring on a couple more in-house developers and hire an apprentice to help with setting up clients.


Riselabs moves to fully remote working

With clients starting to become increasingly further afield, I decided that we should move to a remote working setup where we no longer had a physical office. We rarely had clients in our office space – so it made sense to go remote!


Now fully remote, we begin to work with developers and designers across the globe

We discovered that no longer being tethered to a physical location meant we could work with clients anywhere in the world without restriction – including bringing in team members from other countries with incredible design and development talents.


Riselabs continues to work on ever-increasingly bigger projects + a brand update

Although 2020 has been an… interesting year for businesses, we took on a few fantastic projects. Plus, working with an incredible local designer, we worked together to refresh the Riselabs brand and logo (which I originally put together in 2016 in a day!).

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Riselabs, your best friend in working out if an idea is going to really fly (we will be honest)