The Water Innovation Network

The Water Innovation Network Portal and Website allow individuals and businesses across the UK to submit innovative ideas online directly to the team to review.

No more paper and email-based submissions.


The Water Innovation Network



  • Website
  • Design, UI and UX
  • Development
  • Platform
  • Membership Areas
  • Emails
  • Communication Tools
  • Laravel PHP
  • Hosted & Supported 2017 – 2018

The Problem

The Water Innovation Network (WIN) required a platform for companies to submit innovative solutions to be reviewed by the network. The platform needed to automate many of the manual administration processes necessary to maintain and catalogue the solutions offered by users.

It also needed to engage with existing companies to champion solutions. Previously, the process was subject to multiple areas of fragmentation. Being handled through various email addresses, data collection and retrieval was a manual process, resulting in a margin for human error and missed submissions.

The Soltuion

Riselabs interviewed various WIN team members, breaking down complex and messy processes into simple flows. We then developed the WIN submission process into a standalone platform, allowing external companies to submit proposals and empowering the WIN team to review and process them all online.

No more paper or multiple email addresses.

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