This app was developed for the times when we feel overwhelmed; when you just don’t have the energy to reach out to your loved ones and let them know you are OK.

OKButton was designed with a simple premise; an app that lets you send or receive an OK status from a loved one. Simply open the app, press the button and your chosen contacts will be notified that you are OK. The OKButton App allows for communication without communication.

Riselabs has developed this mental health support app, for when we are suffering and don’t want contact with people, even though we really need to. However, those people who care about us worry, OKButton is designed to facilitate that contact, in lieu of messages and calls. 

The App Idea

  • Add your own small group of contacts.
  • Simply tap the button, and a notification will be sent to your contacts that you are OK.
  • Request an OK, anonymously ask a loved one to let you know they are OK.
  • Location; set reminders when you leave or enter a location, or hold down the button to send your current location to your contacts.
  • Privacy first; OKButton does not need to know much about you in order to function.

The app