Dr Shira Kessler Therapy

The Dr Shira Kessler Therapy website has a bespoke design, custom content layouts and extensive blog tools created specially for Dr Shira Kessler.

Dr Shira Kessler


  • Website
  • Booking & Calendly
  • Content layouts
  • Animation
  • WordPress
  • Forminator
  • WPBakery
  • Parallax

We created a website for Dr. Shira to help establish her as an expert in the field.

The new site not only includes bespoke blogging tools but also interactive elements such as questionnaires, allowing users to fill them out in relation to their concerns and receive personalised responses.

Dr. Shira Kessler is a therapist who specialises in working with millennials and Generation Z. She has been working with adolescents and young adults for over 10 years. Dr. Shira understands the challenges that young people face as they transition into adulthood, and she is passionate about helping them to overcome these challenges.

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