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Book a FREE 1-HOUR product validation call + full writeup

(valued at £750)

Not sure where to go next?
What to do? When?
Got an idea just bubbling away?

We will work through your product or service business idea, validate your product concept and plan out your next steps.

During this call, you’ll discover

This is not a sales call.

This is a deep dive on your idea, helping you feel confident about the next steps (whatever you decide to do).

We want to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to DO SOMETHING AMAZING.

  • If your idea has potential and a excited market ready to sign up
  • The technical approach to your product
  • Any potential technical limitations of your product
  • Legal pitfalls to watch out for
  • What third parties you might need to work with to be successful
  • What competitors are doing and why your approach is better
  • How much to charge users for your product or service

AND we will send you a full writeup of your idea plus what you need to do next in order to turn it from an idea to MONEY MAKING LIFE CHANGING product.

Prove your idea has VALUE and take it to the bank (or lender,  family member, grant provider or another investor) to make TODAY the day you changed your life from an employee to ENTREPENUER.

A business that gives you time?
More time for family?
Or grows to something big?

Now is the time!

Max is taking his idea from concept to a customer-ready product. Max decided NOW is the time to build the product he knows his industry is begging for.


We’re a small, dedicated and highly specialised team.
Book your call ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Book your call at a time that suits you

If you don’t book a call, you’re letting the people who said it couldn’t be done win.

Don’t miss out on starting your potentially life-changing business and changing the lives of those who would benefit from your product by not taking an absolutely free first step.

An idea that stays an idea is worthless. An idea with ACTION is priceless.

Build the business of your dreams by taking the first step

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