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The 68 essential questions to ask yourself when developing an app

Working out exactly what your app needs to do, what features you need, how users will interact with your app, legal steps you might need to take and so much more.

Get your idea out of your head and down onto paper (ASAP, before you forget!)

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Get it out of your head and down on paper

  • Ask the right questions
  • Cover all of the basic, intermediate and advanced requirements
  • Super easy to follow with tips and hints
  • Share with your developer, designer, investor, family member or anyone who needs the details!
  • Stop keeping it all in your head.
  • It’s free, and we promise to send you more free, super helpful things.
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“Why do I need this?” is a good question.

If you’re considering building an app, you need to bring in a designer, a developer, a tester and a project manager to tie it all together – and probably multiple of these roles.

But first, you have to document your ideas.

If you don’t document your ideas:

  • Things get lost, and assumptions are made
  • Your team wont be clear on their direction and purpose
  • You’ll probably forget something really important
  • Explaining it to investors or other interested parties gets difficult
  • You’ll be at the mercy of the interpretation of your ideas by others

So don’t do those things, and get it written down now, today, pronto!

Download your app questionnaire

8 pages to leave no stone unturned

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