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What is a Discovery Phase?

It is a bespoke plan that understands your needs and outlines clear steps to success.

Every successful project starts with a solid plan. At Riselabs, our Discovery Phase aligns our tech expertise with your business goals. We don’t just build systems; we build the right solutions.

How We Create Your Custom Plan

We break this down into milestones, for example, with a web project:

Milestone 1: Project Kickoff

  • Objective: Officially start the project, introduce the team members, and align on communication protocols.
  • Key Activities:
    • Initial meeting to discuss project vision, objectives, and expectations.
    • Introduction of project team and roles.
    • Agreement on communication channels and frequency of updates.

Milestone 2: Requirements Gathering

  • Objective: Collect detailed information about the client’s needs, target audience, and desired outcomes.
  • Key Activities:
    • Workshops or interviews with stakeholders to identify detailed project requirements.
    • Analysis of existing data or materials related to the project.
    • Compilation of a requirements document that outlines the project’s scope.

Milestone 3: Competitive Analysis

  • Objective: Understand the competitive landscape and identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Key Activities:
    • Research and analysis of competitors’ websites and digital presence.
    • Identification of industry trends and best practices.
    • Presentation of findings and recommendations for differentiation.

Milestone 4: Technical and Content Audit

  • Objective: Evaluate the current digital assets’ current state to inform the new strategy.
  • Key Activities:
    • Technical audit of existing websites (if applicable) to assess performance, SEO, and security.
    • Content audit to evaluate existing content’s quality, relevance, and organisation.
    • Report on audit findings and implications for the project.

Milestone 5: Strategy Development

  • Objective: Develop a comprehensive strategy that outlines the project’s approach, including design, technology, content, and marketing.
  • Key Activities:
    • Synthesis of findings from previous milestones into a cohesive strategy.
    • Identification of key features, functionalities, and user journeys.
    • Outline of the proposed site architecture and design direction.

Milestone 6: Budget and Timeline Planning

  • Objective: Finalise the project budget and timeline based on the discovery findings.
  • Key Activities:
    • Development of a detailed project budget, accounting for all project phases.
    • Creation of a project timeline with key milestones and deliverables.
    • Review and approval of the budget and timeline with the client.

Milestone 7: Discovery Phase Closure and Project Plan Presentation

  • Objective: Conclude the discovery phase with a clear project plan and move into the development phase.
  • Key Activities:
    • Final presentation of the discovery findings, strategy, budget, and timeline.
    • Discussion and refinement of the project plan based on client feedback.
    • Agreement on the next steps and transition into the creative phase.

These milestones structure the discovery phase into manageable parts, ensuring thorough preparation and strategic planning before proceeding with development.

Case Studies

Client: Ongoing

Consider one of our current clients, who wants to upgrade their three websites to new WordPress systems. We’re entering a discovery phase to understand every facet of their needs—from branding applications to admin user experiences—ensuring the new system is perfectly tailored.

This will result in detailed documentation of their requirements, proposed solutions, and potential improvements, visualised through UI graphics or wireframes.

Client: Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday (SBS)

Revitalising Small Business Sunday’s membership platform.


The Small Business Sunday platform, initiated by Theo Paphitis, was struggling with an outdated PHP 5.5 system, posing significant security risks and operational inefficiencies.


Riselabs engaged in a comprehensive Discovery Phase to map out all critical functionalities and potential vulnerabilities. We collaborated closely with the SBS team to understand their operational needs and user interaction requirements.


The outcome was a modern, secure, and highly functional platform designed to facilitate seamless interactions among thousands of small businesses. By transitioning to an updated WordPress system, we enhanced user experience and administrative efficiency.


The new system fortified the platform against security threats and introduced streamlined processes that improved user satisfaction and engagement, ensuring the initiative’s sustainable future.

Client: Stratech

Transforming Stratech’s Digital Catalogue


Stratech faced severe limitations with an old search indexing system that was slow and prone to failures, hindering its ability to effectively serve its extensive product catalogue.


During the Discovery Phase, Riselabs performed an in-depth analysis of the existing system’s architecture and identified key areas for improvement. We engaged with various stakeholders at Stratech to align the technology overhaul with their business goals.


We developed a custom indexing system that drastically reduced search times and improved the reliability of product searches. This was integrated into a redesigned WordPress platform that offered enhanced scalability and user-friendly administration.


Stratech’s revamped platform now supports rapid scaling of its product offerings, provides robust performance during peak traffic, and delivers a superior customer experience, contributing significantly to its market growth.

Our Approach

Unlike many competitors who may rush into development, Riselabs prioritises understanding ‘why’ before deciding ‘how’. Our Discovery Phase is about questioning, exploring, and ensuring that what we plan to build is what you truly need.

This means you get more than a solution; you get the right solution tailored to your specific business context.

What Happens Next?

Following the Discovery Phase, you’ll receive a detailed report, including a problem write-up, a consultancy offer, and a proposed solution with UI/UX previews. While you’re free to take this plan to another provider, most clients choose to continue with us for implementation, benefiting from our in-depth understanding of their needs.

Ready to lay the groundwork for your project’s success?

Begin with a discovery phase that sets the stage for tailored, impactful solutions.

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