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The Costly Business Processes that Eat Time

In any business, there’s a number of different processes needed for success. Some of these are costly business processes, which can be repetitive, arduous and seem needlessly complex. The likelihood is that they are, and can be bettered with intelligent digital solutions.

How Entry-Level VR is Becoming More Accessible

Virtual Reality has been a concept discussed in tech circles for decades, with plenty of tech in its various guises trying to pave the way forward within the industry. Following the notable success of VR in 2016, there’s now added impetus for VR to move further into public consciousness, both commercially and domestically.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean offers cloud computing, designed for developers. Seamlessly manage your infrastructure with fast network and rapid deployment.


Slack centralises team communication. Organise specific task channels, communicate and share files on a computer on on-the-go.


FreeAgent provides UK online accounting software, helping to minimise the use of spreadsheets, and centralise your invoices to make accounting easier.

Google Apps

Ensure your team can work collaboratively on documents with ease. You can use Google Apps either from a computer, phone or tablet.