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Modern software development for the Jewellery industry

Speak to Riselabs about your ROI on jewellery platforms, e-commerce websites and apps.

Web development & e-commerce

Stock management, CRMs and more.

Mobile apps

Before you build anything, speak with our experts. We know how to develop products effeciently & effectively.

We will help you determine the needs of your business and design a software that meets those needs. We will also help you create a system that is easy to use and that helps your business run more efficiently.

How to make the most out of the Jewellery Website Cost Calculator

Try to include as much as possible, as it’s easy to revise your budget later if you know your maximum. Remember, websites need hosting and support to stay up-to-date and secure.

Our Process

Meet & Document

Part of our skillset is advising what not to spend your investment on. We take the complexity out of software development so you can focus on your business.

Design & Develop

Our experts, teams, contacts and contractors all pool together to work on your software development project. What could we build together?

Support & Evolve

Version one is just the beginning. We want to build a longterm relationship with you, creating new and exciting versions of your software product.

Our goal: relationships & ROI


Does Riselabs charge for proposals?

No, we do not charge for proposals if the client can provide all the required information to create an estimate. We do recommend booking consultancy time to go through the business needs vs technology needs, to ensure we are quoting for the right solution.

How are project cost estimated?

We break the project down into into all of its components, breaking them further into design and development tasks. Each task is then estimated in hours, giving us a total time for the project. We then split that time amongst the resources we have available to estimate a launch date for the project.

Who builds my project?

Riselabs are a conduit between clients, local resources and contractors/freelancers across the world. We manage all resources in-house, project managing your software development all the way through to to launch and beyond.

What happens when my project is finished?

We look after your software development product through hosting and maintenance. You can opt to self-host if you wish, but we’d love to keep working with you to grow your business and platform over time.

Build a platform, website and app that you are proud of