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Website Cost Calculator

It’s hard to know a website’s cost, so we built a website design and development calculator to make it easy for you to create an estimate for your web project.

How to make the most out of the Website Cost Calculator

Try to include as much as possible, as it’s easy to revise your budget later if you know your maximum.

Remember, websites need hosting and support to stay up to date and secure.

Frequently asked questions

What are standard functions?

Standard functions, such as blogs, pages and basic forms make up the majority of website content. All of these features are included in all of our websites.

How many pages?

Think about the home page, about us, contact us and any other essential top-level pages. Also, consider sub-pages like terms and conditions. Min 1 page for the home page! On average, a small website will have 5 pages, with an extensive website having over 20 pages.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the term for any business transaction over the internet. This can include buying and selling products, providing digital services, or making online payments. You can also use E-Commerce for selling memberships and online subscriptions.

What are User Accounts?

User accounts are a way to track and secure information about individual users. This can include anything from their name and contact information to their purchase history and account settings. You can use User Accounts to give your users access to private areas of your website.

What are Subscriptions?

If you sell products or services regularly, you can use subscriptions to provide automatic billing for your customers. You can set up subscriptions for any product or service and configure them to renew automatically when the subscription period expires. This makes it easy for them to purchase what they need and simplifies the payment process for you.

What are Memberships?

A membership system allows users to access your website or its content regularly through their accounts. This can be a great way to earn money from your website by charging users for access to premium content or offering exclusive members-only benefits. You can turn memberships into subscriptions to sell digital products, such as eBooks or online courses.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is using game mechanics and design principles in non-game contexts. This can include adding points, badges, or levels to activities that usually wouldn’t have them, such as completing a course or signing up for a newsletter. Gamification is used to motivate people to engage in desired behaviours and can be a great way to increase interest in your website or product.

What are Multi-stage or advanced forms?

Multi-stage forms are a great way to streamline signing up for your website or product. Usually significantly larger, multi-stage forms allow users to complete a sign-up process in several steps rather than all at once. This makes it easier for them to complete the form and gives them a chance to review the information they’ve entered before submitting it. You can use multi-stage forms for any process, including creating new user accounts, registering for memberships, or making a purchase.

Advanced forms use logic to determine how the form should behave based on the user’s input. This can include checking for required fields, validating user data or changing the flow of questions based on the user’s answers. You can use logic to create customised forms specific to your website or product, or you can use it to improve the usability of your existing forms.

What is a data import?

A data import process allows you to import data into your website or product. This can include anything from contact information to purchase histories. You can use data imports to create user accounts, populate your product catalogue, or keep track of your customers’ information. There are many different ways to import data, and the method you choose will depend on your data format.

Why is there a cost per page?

We think it’s important to estimate a project’s cost based on the website’s size.

We design and develop your website from start to finish based on what you need. The process can take some time, so we base our costs on the number of pages needed to get a realistic estimate of the project’s scope.

When designing and developing a web page, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The first is the layout of the page. We will need to decide on a structure that best showcases your content. The second is the design of the page. The design includes the colours, fonts, and images you’ll use. The third is the functionality of the page. You’ll need to decide which features and tools you want to include. And finally, you’ll need to ensure your page is accessible to all users.

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