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[NEW] Technical document writer for app and software specifications

At Riselabs, we work on multiple startup ideas with minimal documentation and project realisation associated with them during their early stages. We're capable of reviewing client documentation and developing high-level technical specifications, but we have limited time and expertise available to drill deeper into the technical needs of a project. We need someone to help dig deeper into the technicalities of a project, writing up the mechanical hows and whys. Our documents usually consist of a client wishlist and objectives, followed by our high-level breakdown of features and likely complexity. From these documents, we need: - Each feature is detailed to explain to our development team HOW to build a feature and WHY. - Which technologies would be most suitable and why. - Any unknowns or risks - If Native or Hybrid development would be most suitable - Potential ongoing costs and budget concerns - or similar flow diagrams - Basic wireframes explaining the functionality - Estimating time required to implement a feature - Highlighting any features that are incompatible, unachievable or in need of further research - Preparing the document for client approval and review - Speaking with clients directly to confirm any unknowns or find out more…
26th September 2021

How to successfully manage a team you’ve never seen

Have you ever faced a situation where a sales manager has left you with a brand new client, and you have a whole team of developers who only shrug when asked for estimates? What would you do if I told you that I’ve dealt with such cases with neither the client nor the dev team in the same room? Obviously, due to the pandemic the world’s changed and most of us managers have to manage teams remotely, doing our best to keep clients updated, teams motivated and stakeholders informed. It is not a secret that managing  people whom you know personally or have at least shared a cup of morning coffee with is much easier than trying to approach those behind the screen of your 13 inch laptop.  My thoughts are that distance isn’t a barrier once the processes are set up right. Take a look at the simple list of principles that I try to follow to keep all of my fellow riselabers happy & on track.  Online calls are the new meetings. Remember how cool it was to ask a Lead developer out for a lunch and discuss all of the project risks and details in person? Well,…
29th March 2021