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Reducing inefficiency through software

Everyone from a small one-person business through to multinationals runs the risk of spending money on things they do not need, and nowhere is this issue more prevalent than with business software. Inadequate software is costing businesses thousands, and not just for the initial cost and subsequent subscription, but through lost man hours due to inefficiency. So, what are the tell-tale signs of business inefficiency?   Too many clicks. Your employees and clients having to deal with clunky platforms which are not user friendly or intuitive and in effect have too many moving parts which can be off-putting. Lack of automation. Your employees are spending too much time manually inputting data into outdated CRM systems, which is costing your business valuable man-hours. Lack of adequate data analysis. Accurate reports, be they for marketing, sales or stock purposes are difficult to generate and you do not have a full picture of business health. These inefficiencies will invariably lower employee morale, hinder the customer journey and ultimately cause ongoing damage to a businesses service levels and finances. In effect, you are putting in extra work for no reasonable gain, as well as losing ground to your competitors as well as talented and…
25th October 2020