Riselabs Presents

Virtual Reality Training in Peterborough & Cambridge

Experience Virtual Reality in-house and blow your team’s collective mind with virtual reality training from Riselabs. We’ll bring the kit, the expertise and the energy needed to introduce your business to the joys of VR.

Beginner, intermediate and expert levels of virtual reality training available for businesses and education.

What can I get out of Riselabs virtual reality training?

Virtual Reality is more than an experience, it's a chance to encourage new ideas and promote innovation in your business or organisation

Virtual Meetings

Investigate opportunities to bring remote employees and contractors into the room by running virtual meetings in various interactive spaces. Help reduce travel costs and environmental impact.

3D Assets & Testing

Integrate VR into your workflow by allowing prospective clients to experience 3D development work in a completely immersive environment. Take clients for tours around buildings, blueprints and construction sites.

Art & Mental Wellbeing

Integrate VR into breakout spaces within your organisation to give your teams a chance to unwind and relax in virtual worlds. Encourage artistic expression using apps like TiltBrush throughout the virtual reality training session.

Try and test industry-leading apps

“Design intent is easiest to comprehend in 1:1 scale. That’s why Prospect makes it super simple to host coordination meetings, QA/QC and subcontractor training in virtual reality.”

Virtual reality training on IrisVR Prospect app


Introduction to Virtual Reality training

Investigate opportunities to bring remote employees and contractors into the room by running virtual meetings in various interactive spaces through virtual reality training. Help reduce travel costs and environmental impact.

Great for: Small teams, experience, new to VR, entertainment

1 to 3

~2 Hours


Intermediate Virtual Reality Training & Workshops

Bring yourself or your team into a virtual world to try out the latest virtual reality tools, apps and experiences for growing businesses. Intermediate levels of virtual reality training are ideal for groups who are familiar with VR technology and what to get more out of software.

Great for: Medium teams, equipment/purchase considerations, experimentation and innovation projects

2 to 5

~3 Hours


Expert Media Production & 3D Development in VR training

At expert levels of virtual reality training, we’ll look at 3D CAD/CAM models and how different industries are thriving using VR kit. We’ll discuss different types of hardware and how your team can implement virtual reality into their workflow. Virtual reality training and workshops at this level will require confidence with VR kit, and ideally your in-house hardware to continue using after the virtual reality training session.

Great for: Larger teams, pre-owned equipment or innovation lab, 3D production companies or educational groups

3 to 10+

Half day

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Book a talk

Prefer to watch and learn? Book a 40-minute talk on the wonders of virtual reality.

Educational Virtual Reality Training

Are you a school, college or university interested in Virtual Reality?

Play with reality

In virtual reality, the world is infinite. Introduction training and open/walk-in sessions for schools, colleges and universities to let students experience VR first-hand.

Empower your creative teachers

If your organisation already has access to VR through hardware on-site, then bring Riselabs in to show teachers how to get the very most out of Virtual Reality.

Take education to the next level

Spend time learning how to create virtual classrooms and learning environments. Take students for tours around the world and experience how accessible VR is.

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