Can you Update my existing Mobile Application or Website?

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Written by Jack

Jack Howell is a designer and developer living in Cambridgeshire, UK, and is the web design and WordPress guru at Riselabs. With an extensive, and borderline crazy, interest in technology, Jack is our expert in all things web tech.

If your business has an existing application that requires additional development, Riselabs can work with you in order to complete an application and gear it for launch.

If your application requires bug fixes to improve safety and function, or if it requires full-scale development, Riselabs can work independently or alongside your team to reach completion. Working both with iOS and Android applications, we can support in completing development both for mobile and the web.

Placing your business objectives for the application at the forefront of development, Riselabs map out the technical requirements for implementing the right solution. We can work with the app’s existing code base, adding any extra functionality that is required, as well as advising on where issues may previously have occurred.

Finally, we are able to push new updates to the Apple Store or the Google App Store, bringing your application to the standard your business needs.