Build me an iOS / Android app?

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Written by Jack

Jack Howell is a designer and developer living in Cambridgeshire, UK, and is the design and WordPress guru at Riselabs. With an extensive and borderline crazy interest in technology, Jack is our expert in all things web tech.

If your business requires an iOS or Android app, Riselabs can specialise in development that provides all the functionality your business needs.

From initial concept, to design, to development and deployment, Riselabs can either manage the entire technical process or support in specific areas that best suit your business objectives.

Riselabs have expertise in app development for a range of industries and functions, spanning from apps that serve a marketing function, through to those that support the running of a business and provide valuable data.

The applications Riselabs develop can be built to integrate both with third party hardware and third party systems, ensuring these also hook into your existing software. Finally, we can also provide guidance on ensuring commercially-focused apps being hosted on respective app stores.