Technical Services

Can you Update my existing Mobile Application or Website?

If your business has an existing application that requires additional development, Riselabs can work with you in order to complete an application and gear it for launch.

If your application requires bug fixes to improve safety and function, or if it requires full-scale development, Riselabs can work independently or alongside your team to reach completion. Working both with iOS and Android applications, we can support in completing development both for mobile and the web.

Placing your business objectives for the application at the forefront of development, Riselabs map out the technical requirements for implementing the right solution. We can work with the app’s existing code base, adding any extra functionality that is required, as well as advising on where issues may previously have occurred.

Finally, we are able to push new updates to the Apple Store or the Google App Store, bringing your application to the standard your business needs.

Move my Platform and Host It?

Riselabs can both host and your system and support its infrastructure, ensuring it is adequate and protected for use.

We can support your business if you are either moving from an unsupported host or looking to better protect your platform. By being hosted with Riselabs on your own private server, we can maintain your platform and fix any issues by being immediately prompted of any potential issues.

Provide consultancy on Innovation and Automation?

Riselabs can consult with you to qualify the value of technology to your business. Where software is the solution, we can build it, too.

If your business is at an exploratory stage of leveraging technology, Riselabs can consult directly with your team in order to offer an insight into what can be achieved. Additionally, we can apply our expertise and understanding of your business to develop the likes of mobile and web applications that complement your business requirements.

Riselabs support you in qualifying if a project can feasibly be undertaken, assisting in providing scope and budget as well as writing up the technical specification of requirements for a project.

Develop a plugin?

Riselabs can build a plugin that offers the specific functionality for your website or application.

In the instance you have two functioning parts of your business that need to communicate seamlessly, Riselabs can, where possible, automate that gap in the process chain. We can assess the requirements that ensure two parts of your business process can communicate with one another, saving vast amounts of time in your business process that can be utilised elsewhere.

Can you Build or Extend my Website?

Riselabs can develop websites specifically tailored to your needs, or extend the functionality of existing websites.

Additionally, we can advise on design principles that improve user experience, as well as build and integrate third party solutions into your website.

If your business is looking for a solution spanning from a simple marketing website through to a highly-functional, large scale e-Commerce website, we can develop a performant, targeted solution that best meets your business requirements.

Build me an iOS / Android app?

If your business requires an iOS or Android app, Riselabs can specialise in development that provides all the functionality your business needs.

From initial concept, to design, to development and deployment, Riselabs can either manage the entire technical process or support in specific areas that best suit your business objectives.

Riselabs have expertise in app development for a range of industries and functions, spanning from apps that serve a marketing function, through to those that support the running of a business and provide valuable data.

The applications Riselabs develop can be built to integrate both with third party hardware and third party systems, ensuring these also hook into your existing software. Finally, we can also provide guidance on ensuring commercially-focused apps being hosted on respective app stores.

White Label Development?

We can undertake white labelled development projects to support the development aspects of your client project.

If your business has both the skills and expertise to provide a solution but needs a technical team to support in delivery, Riselabs can help. Whether our expertise complements your existing services or your team is at capacity, we can act as your employees working onsite or offsite delivering solutions for your clients – your client, your success.

Help me create a technical proposal?

If you’re making a case for technology to be a part of your business, Riselabs can help to qualify that value in a technical proposal.

We work with you to research and understand your business processes and create a comprehensive proposal. We will include all of the technical nuances required, enabling more clearly-defined requirements that better ensure your chances of success once the project is underway.

Connect two services together?

Riselabs can connect two valuable services within your business together.

Whilst two systems may work very well independently of one another, that gap between the two may be fragmented and costing your business considerable time and money. If you want to link the two together in order to make sure the reporting can be autonomous, we can ensure the process is seamless. Riselabs can connect one service to another via relevant APIs or Software Development Kits to ensure both services can communicate with one another effectively.

Talk about Innovation and Automation at Events?

Riselabs can offer our expertise on software innovation and software automation at events.

We have experience in hosting talks on various aspects of technology and software development. Riselabs are able to support your event where the role of technology can supplement an existing theme and drive additional value to your attendees.