Legacy Software Redevelopment

Legacy software is like an old machine; difficult to maintain, expensive to run and complicated to teach new staff on how to use. It’s time for an upgrade.

So let's take a look at some of these old-school time-wasters

Document Collaboration

Collaborative staff knowledge is often needed to complete the task at hand. However, if you find that your staff are undertaking complex processes on a spreadsheet, for example, you can experience a range of issues.

Outdated Legacy Documents

There might be one or two master documents that are crucial to your business processes, used very regularly to achieve your daily goals. However, some fields may be outdated or even redundant.

Job Tracking

It’s often difficult to assess the stage of a project at a snapshot. With clear exposure to this, it’s much easier to see where things are in the pipeline and who’s accountable. Job Tracking and Contract Tracking can both be a lot easier through implementation of the right process.

Data Entry

Each time data is inputted or copied and pasted more than once, time is being lost. An example would be copying from your CRM and into Sage. Often, there are solutions that allow you to move data from one place to another seamlessly. Because of this, you no longer need to duplicate the work.


The ability to report on specific features of your business helps create the bigger picture. It can cover what’s working well and what’s working less effectively.

Also, it can equip you to make better decisions through clearer insight.

Using Multiple Systems

Different systems have different functions. So, naturally, it’s common practice to use more than one of them in your business. However, you’re likely to run into problems when these systems don’t communicate with each other effectively. Often, you’ll find bridging the gap between the two is an exhaustive process. It is also often a big drain on staff resource.

Managing Several Email Accounts

It’s natural to have several points of contacts for different aspects of business. However, some staff members are often left juggling multiple email accounts for activity. Consequently, this can confuse the process of monitoring and actioning emails.


Picture a common scenario: the logistics department are at capacity and can’t fulfil an order by the deadline that the sales team have just promised the customer. Do you find a way of rushing the work to hit the deadline, risking quality? Do you apologise to the customer and risk disappointment?

So how do we upgrade legacy software?

Inefficient processes can be a business headache. You can lose time, money and this can even affect staff morale. However, working out how to tackle this might seem unclear.

For some businesses, an entire overhaul can work. However, it might not be the best option for all businesses. Instead, prioritising a specific processes can often be a good start. Additionally, it can help to to qualify the time you’re able to recoup.

To work out what this looks like for your business, you can try our handy Task Calculator to help with the numbers.

Task calculator

That is a week, or a year that could be better spent?

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