The Water Innovation Network Portal and Website allow individuals and businesses across the UK to submit innovative ideas online directly to the team to review. No more paper and email based submissions.

The Water Innovation Network (WIN) required a platform for companies to submit innovative solutions to be reviewed by the network. The platform needed to automate many of the manual administration processes required to maintain and catalog the solutions offered by users.

It also needed to simply and powerfully engage with existing companies to champion solutions. Previously, the process was subject to multiple areas of fragmentation. Being handled through multiple email addresses, data collection and retrieval was largely a manual process, resulting in margin for human error and missed submissions.

Design & Development

  • Front end website
  • WordPress for front end website
  • Backend custom platform
  • UX & UI design

Platform requirements

  • Users, accounts and roles
  • Dashboards with role-relevant information
  • Submission functionality
  • Reporting functionality
  • Reviewer functionality
  • Marketing website to advertise the Water Innovation Network and its submission offering.

Project Outcome

Consequently, this meant that there was less time for staff to manage an entire review process in a wholly efficient and innovative way. We began by undertaking a full-scale process review to understand the way users would be required to move through a system, along with the way platform administrators would interact with them.

Next, the necessary infrastructure was designed to ensure users could register and submit ideas (with an NDA attached if applicable) and understand where their submission was within a review process. Finally, we planned the design on the administrator side, ensuring they could work with submissions on an individual basis, as well as delegate submissions and conduct analysis on how a submission had entered the system.

Riselabs developed a public portal website, allowing users to log in or sign up, create submissions and submit their idea into the WIN.

All submissions move into the platform whereby they can be assigned, reviewed, tracked and actioned.