Warners Group required the development of an iOS application to work in conjunction with the launch of their re-developed website.

Riselabs supported Warner Group’s development team by offering iOS Development expertise and delivery, completing the application within a quick deadline.


  • App development support
  • Client consultancy

Big thanks to Scott for his assistance with our Xamarin project – Riselabs really know their stuff and come highly recommended!

Warners Group - iOS Support

Project Outcome


The application needed to replicate the functionality of a completed application that had already been developed for Android. As a result, all design principles had to align as closely as functionally possible to the Android version to ensure consistency across platforms.

Whilst the website and Android application had been created in-house, the iOS development resource and Xamarin knowledge was required to fulfil the project whilst needing to meet an impending deadline.


Working on-site, we began the project by leveraging Xamarin, which allowed us to utilise pre-existing code. Additionally, this allowed Warners Group to continue supporting the project afterwards on an ongoing basis.

Riselabs began by fulfilling the iOS aspects of development, with backend logic supplied from the already existing Android version. Using design principles and assets supplied, we ensured the application was very close in terms of design to the Android app.

Following the development phase, the application went through a testing phase to ensure it was structurally sound and fit for user purpose, ensuring all functions were working as intended.

We also assisted Warners Group’s development team by providing them with the knowledge of placing application on the Apple App Store, as well as offering ongoing support to ensure the application’s security and adequate functionality.