We sponsored the Peterborough STEM Festival, the first to take place in the area.

The event’s overall aim was to celebrate the activities of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, boasting over 1000 attendees, expert speakers and activities for participants.

We developed an app both for iOS and Android, built specifically for the attendees to be informed of all updates and to better engage with the activities of the day.


  • App consultancy
  • (Headless) Content Management
  • App UX and design
  • App development using hybrid technology

Project Outcome

Given that technology would be a prominent talking point at the event, we recognised the value of developing an app that would showcase how technology can be a great tool for supporting events of this nature.

Being the first event of it’s kind, a main obstacle was in delivering a tool that would add value to the event and essentially make everything easier for the attendee using the app. With that in mind, our plan was to make all of the information about the STEM easier to access within the app. Our aim was to deliver the details from the STEM website and print media and consolidate it into a functioning app. Our main aims were to make information and interaction seamless as possible. Essentially, we wanted this to support all features of the event for the user.

With those aims in mind, the first implementation we deemed necessary was the inclusion of an integrated booking system. We developed a dedicated system which allowed attendees to reserve their place in a really practical way. This proved to be an effective tool for a number of attendees who reserved their place in advance.  We also considered push notifications as important to the app. Attendees received push notifications and updates within the app’s stream to get event updates.

There were also a number of useful points of reference that were woven into the app itself. One of them was displaying different talks, who was speaking at them and what time they were on within the building. Additionally, all website and social links back to the STEM Festival and DPiP were included to support traffic from interested attendees.

Additionally, practical features were included in the app, such as a map to reach the event itself. Additionally, users also had access to a floor map inside the Allia Future Business Centre (where the event was located), which was a simple method of seeing where talks, roaming speakers and exhibitors were located.

The STEM Festival event was well received, with many engaging with the app to support their experience across the day. With plans for the Peterborough STEM Festival to become an annual event, we’re sure to be involved, refining the app to be an even more integral fit.