Really Social Media are a social media marketing agency based in Peterborough. Working closely with clients’ brand guidelines, their content writers develop social media plans on a weekly basis.

Really Social relieve their clients’ time burden of developing a prominent social media presence by curating relevant content for an affordable price. As a result, their clients can appropriate their recouped time in ways they consider effective.

Riselabs worked with Really Social to develop a platform that would enhance the efficiency between company and client; we developed software that allows Really Social’s clients to access content, upload photos, approve posts on their social media profiles and see posts in real time. This solution allowed clients to retain moderate – complete control over their social media depending on their preferences.


  • App development
  • Platform development
  • Client consultancy

Project Outcome

Really Social’s process for communicating with their clients was through a web application. Their growing number of clients could request changes to posts via phone or email. However, without automation in place, this system was time demanding and clients could fail to send over important information or approve content to be published.

The company were able to complete their main body of work, which was in researching content and drafting plans, but were often experiencing a slow communication cycle, meaning some work was left unfinished. The manual process of chasing clients would ultimately take several hours per week. Really Social media recognised that innovation would allow them to be more efficient and stay competitive within the industry. Wit that, we consulted with them to develop a tailor-made solution.

Riselabs began the planning phase by investigating the manual processes that were in place to better understand their pain points. We mapped out their manual solutions, evaluating how we can solve them with technology. As with many business to business services, a challenge in creating a new solution can be the introduction of new methods for client communication. With that considered, Really Social Media onboarded some of their most trusted clients during our beta testing phase to gather feedback to refine the platform.

The end result was a solution built both for mobile and web. Creating software for iPhone and Android, the new platform was rolled out to over 100 clients. The application allows clients to log in and see real time information about their social media content. The new method of client engagement meant that because a client can readily access information at any time, Really Social did not have to rely on them to view it on completion or at a specified deadline. Using the new app, clients can approve posts and attach images for Really Social to use in their content whenever they like.

The application was developed to help manage Really Social’s operations and alleviate the expenditure of time spent on manual tasks such as client management and reporting. The time retrieved allows them to appropriate on other parts of their business or to focus on their growth.

After 1 month of using their new mobile and web app, Really Social have reported saving an average of 20 hours a week. Their team are pleased to be working with the system, as are the clients, who have also reported positive feedback. Riselabs will be adding additional features in the near future that support the rapid growth of clients and attract more leads into the business.