This all-in-one platform has been developed to manage and facilitate online learning and training programmes – ensuring their employees have everything they need to succeed. 

Nucleus Learning is an ongoing development designed as a one-stop-shop which allows businesses to effectively manage and track their workforce’s training needs. An invaluable tool which encourages proactive on-the-job learning and helps ensure legal compliance with industry recognised qualifications, whilst tracking who’s received training within the organisation.

Nucleus Learning allows key individuals to create bespoke, mobile-optimised online lessons and courses in minutes, and distribute them to specific individuals or groups within your organisation. Combine lessons with online assessments to measure understanding and have all key data stored automatically in the Nucleus Training Management platform.

Platform functionality

  • Create and share personalised training courses with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).
  • Personalised dashboards for both individuals and power-users displays all metrics through an intuitive interface.
  • Upload, view or export validation certificates and reports for auditing purposes.
  • Sophisticated permission levels provide the users with the specific functionality you need them to have.
  • Carefully track spend with budget-forecasting that is automatically linked to re-qualification dates.

The platform