Holly, the Business Intelligence Platform

Web App, iPhone App, Android App

Holly is a business intelligence platform that enables your team to work more efficiently and intuitively with your critical business data, saving time

Save time

  • to be better spent on more valuable tasks

  • Cut time-wasting process out of your day to day
  • Actionable reports

  • Get answers, not just data

Line of sight

See everything that is going on in your business

Action and Reaction

  • Generate profile content, automated emails and follow-up reminders
    Quick client knowledge

  • Client calling? Open their profile to know everything about them including all recent conversations.

Business performance

  • See where your business needs help, and celebrate where it is succeeding
  • Learn from success/failures

  • With full audit trails of communications, timings and client events, you can see exactly where things went wrong or perfectly well