Cambrionix is a UK based designer and manufacturer of intelligent USB device management products.

With their website being pivotal to ensuring their product is well marketed to an audience and readily-available. Riselabs developed several enhancements in order to improve the website’s functionality for visitors and administrative users alike.

Cambrionix’s website required a number of enhancements that would both appeal to its visitors as well as improve the way administrators could also engage with the backend of the website. Leveraging WordPress, it was crucial that website visitors would engage in a seamless navigation process. Amending and adding content also needed to be simple for content administrators.


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • WordPress development
  • Custom plugins
  • UI & UX design

Project Outcome

To improve the experience of Cambrionix administrators, we developed a content structure within WordPress to enhance user functionality within pages. This afforded greater accessibility to admin users, one of which was allowing for simple duplication of pages and creation of pages in a simple, modular format. As a result, extra content could be generated by users quickly.

We also ensured a dedicated email processing and handling client was in place – this was to minimise security risks and to ensure products within contact forms were working accordingly.

For visitors of the website, a number of enhancements were also developed. Among others, slider functionality was implemented for some of the most important visual aspects of the website, as well as the option to download user guides and flyers for respective product pages. We also implemented filtration parameters to improve a visitor’s search process.

We continued to work with Cambrionix to ensure that the website offers improved functionality for its visitor base and administrators as the website grows.