Website Design & Development, platform extension, plugins, and CMS customisation.

Riselabs provide bespoke website design, development and support.

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Website Design & Development

We provide custom website design and development, plugin development and platform extension. Further more we can provide extensions with plugins like WooCommerce, Event Managers and other e-commerce solutions.

Website Design

We provide expert web design, creating unique websites for your product or service. Most of all we create fully bespoke themes, specific to your needs, and provide workshops and training.

Website Extensions

Are you running an online store, e-commerce website or another online service? We can integrate WooCommerce into your website. As a result, you can expect a smoother online experience for your customers.

Website Support

Riselabs provide website hosting, maintenance and support for your platform. Due to the nature of system updates, plugin updates and security we are also here to ensure your site stays up to date and online.


We develop fully responsive websites by default, using the latest techniques. We know what works well, and what doesn’t.

Long Term Optimisation

Our design practices focus on user experience. Over time we work with you to improve, optimise and update your website to load faster, deliver content better and enhance your customer’s experience.

Fully Editable Content Regions

We build our websites to utilise fully editable content regions throughout.

Allia Future Business Centre

Website, Content Management, Events

Riselabs developed Allia’s Future Business Website, combining all three business centres into one single website for ease of use and consistent branding.

Allia FBC East London

Advanced Wordpress Website Development

We developed the website for the launch of Allia’s newly-established Future Business Centre.

Teamrooms Website

Website, Wordpress

We implemented the website redesign for Teamrooms – the ultimate sports travel solution provider.

What technologies do you use?

We use WordPress as it provides us, as front-end developers, the most flexible and accessible platform to build upon. If you’d like to know more about general Software Development, see our FAQ.

Why choose Riselabs for your website?

At Riselabs, we have the technical expertise to develop custom websites. With ten years experience working with custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and WordPress we have the background and knowledge to build user focused and admin friendly websites. What to know more about Riselabs? Read more about us.

How do you handle website projects?

We believe in rapid MVP development, and then ongoing version by version improvements over time.

Bespoke Website Design & Development

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