Service Level Agreement

We’re proud to support all of our clients in designing and developing technology.  Once we’ve developed the solution you need, we want to ensure it continues to work as intended, long after the development stage is complete.

The reality of software is that it is consistently at the risk of security breaches, errors and changes through third party updates. Of course, after investing time, money and resources into developing your software, it is critical that it continues to make the impact it was designed for.  At Riselabs, we believe that a Service Level Agreement between both parties is the most effective solution to this – mitigating the risks, ensuring everything is updated and is working at maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Communication and Response Time

With the upkeep and maintenance of larger systems, we can address issues quickly. We are given an indication when something needs work, and our fixes are prioritised based upon pre-agreed response times within the SLA.

An Intuitive Understanding of your Software

No time is lost in attempting to understand the nuances of your system, as Riselabs already understands this as a result of the development process.

Regularly Agreed Levels of Service

Through an already-ongoing relationship, we can review the services we are carrying out and make adjustments where necessary.

Responsibilities are Defined

The SLA accurately describes what Riselabs is responsible for and what the client is responsible for. Here, you can have peace of mind knowing which features of your software are applicable to the service features within the SLA.

What We Take Care Of

We maintain your software by carrying out the following:

  • Making sure the software stay current and working as expected
  • Manage 3rd Party dependencies to keep them up to date and working (when security updates)
  • No new crashes with new programming languages updates and server operating system updates
  • Fix any software issues that arise

Specifics For Apps

  • No new crashes with new operating system versions (iOS & Android)
  • Monitoring the apps for crashes and responding and fixing any issues found

Specifics For Websites / Web Applications

  • Monitoring the website for uptime and errors and responding to any issues found
  • Management and testing the backups

How it Works

We provide you with the following support to ensure the functionality and longevity of your system:

  • Support: this ensures everything is working as intended. Software maintenance and support exists if there is a problem and defects are addressed in accordance with priority levels.
  • Automatic updates & backups: never worry about updating your software or backing up your data again. This is taken care of on your behalf (Please Note: in an instance where an update to a system is considered vulnerable, it is at Riselabs’ discretion whether the update is carried out. We will consult prior to these situations should additional development be required in order to preserve the safety of a system through an update)
  • The system monitors for any issues, through error checking tools. It prompts Riselabs as soon as this becomes apparent and we can fix it before you’re even aware of the problem
  • On threat management during working hours. Our team is on call during working hours so that problems are quickly solved should things go wrong
  • SSL Management, ensuring your site is secure
  • Advanced Uptime Monitoring – Monitoring specific features and functions of software in order to ensure they are working as required.
  • Price: £200 p/m

Our priority is to make sure you application stays working, up to date and secure.


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