Managed Services

Managed services allow for you to access a set number of hours that contribute to your highest priority development. We ensure that you can utilise month-by-month development by booking billable hours in for development with us, when you need it.

Effectively, our service is the equivalent to having in-house development on demand, without all of the overheads.  Across a three month period, you can access development that equates to a day, a week or more per month in order to get development completed. The result is your business being able to benefit from ongoing development as well being able to spread the cost.

What is Considered as Billable?

  • Design
  • Development
  • Ongoing Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Roadmapping
  • User Testing
  • Research & Development

Managed Services works as follows:

  • We can consult with you on your ideas for development. We can advise from a technical perspective on the idea’s viability, the value it can drive to the business and provide an estimated cost within a bracketed budget.
  • Riselabs create a roadmap in accordance with your business objectives, helping you to prioritise and plan development that drives the most value for your business
  • Managed Services works across a 3 month basis. Upon reaching the end of this, we will liaise with you to understand whether additional ongoing investment is required
  • We report our development progress and remaining available hours through our Client Portal, which you can log in to at any time
  • All of our development time is tracked through the application Toggl, which displays where development time has been appropriated
  • Once on a Managed Services Plan, you are able to add hours to your plan should you require extra development within that month. These will become viewable within the client portal.
  • Should you require priority development without subscribing to a Managed Services Plan, a higher ad-hoc Daily Rate will be applied. This is due to scheduling develop that has been previously unaccounted for. As a result, our capacity  to  work is subject to availability.


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