We provide hosting options to ensure that your security is increased and our web application response times are optimal. By hosting with us, we can continually work with your software and reduce our overall development time. Additionally, this offers you lower costs and control.

For all of our Hosting Agreements, you get a secure Virtual Private Server(s). All servers are based in London and external storage is based in the European Union, in compliance with Data Protection best practice.

Hosting is a rolling monthly service and covers the following:

  • Hosting of the platform we have developed for you via a dedicated Cloud Server.
  • The management of the hosting server with our hosts, including any communication with the hosts when required.
  • The management and monitoring of the uptime of your website. Our Hosts provide a 99.9% hosting uptime guarantee in any given month on hardware, and on network connectivity (*Note – not guaranteed unless purchased with a separate Service Level Agreement).
  • The management of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate of the server, powered by LetsEncrypt.
  • The management of the server operating system with general and security updates.
  • Performing backups (Daily & Weekly)

Note: We do not provide the physical hardware for your platform, therefore we are governed by Our Host’s Terms of Service (TOS). If you would like further information about their specific TOS, you can request further details from us.


Our additional services allow us to host, maintain and protect your software, ensuring it is optimised for your business needs. View our services