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Examples such as CRM management, stock checking, sales and tracking all cost businesses time.

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The options for improving your business through technology are wide reaching, driving business efficiency, saving time and improving what your business is capable of.

Bespoke development can go beyond what off-the shelf solutions can offer, tailored to how you want to run your business both now and in the future. At Riselabs, we’ll consult with you, developing an accurate roadmap alongside your objectives. We’ll then develop cutting-edge solutions that integrate seamlessly with your other business processes.

Automation: A Snapshot

Here’s an insight into automation in businesses, and how it can be leveraged.

Manual Task Automation

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Job Tracking

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Contract Tracking

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Stock Management

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Software Service Features

The following features within software are often utilised to improve the way a team interacts with the business system.

The following features are often utilised in adding value and improving a business.

Standard Login Methods

We ensure your staff can log in quickly and securely, with military grade encryption to protect your business.

Single Sign on and External Login Methods

Sign in quickly, securely and get straight to the tasks ahead.

Data: Capture, Storage and Retrieval

Improve how you capture and work with data to in order to make more accurate business decisions.


Riselabs offer the peace of mind that your business is always being protected from the ongoing threat of security breaches.

Two Step Authentication

Add a simple additional layer of security to further protect your business.

Audit Logs

Auditing aspects of your businesses can help you to better understand how processes can be improved.

Role Based Access Control

Define who accesses specific information based upon their roles and projects they undertake, replicating your business structure.


Generate reports with truly valuable data, in a way that makes sense to your staff and clients.

Media Storage and Assets

Upload any type of media that tells your team and clients more about the work hand.

Access Control

Determine how your applications are accessed and who they are accessed by, be it by internal staff members or external clients.


Integrate seamlessly with third party systems such as social networks, project management and event applications.

Building the right software could help your business better utilise a year.

Could your business benefit from any of the above types of software to improve efficiency?

Tell us about your current approaches and where you are experiencing problems - we’ll get back to you with our suggestions.


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We provide hosting options to ensure that your security is increased and our web application response times are optimal. By hosting with us, we can continually work with your software and reduce our overall development time.

About Hosting

Service Level Agreement

We’re proud to support all of our clients in designing and developing technology. Once we’ve developed the solution you need, we want to ensure it continues to work as intended, long after the development stage is complete.

About the SLA

Managed Service

Managed services allow for you to access a set number of hours that contribute to your highest priority development. We ensure that you can utilise month-by-month development by booking billable hours in for development with us, when you need it.

About a Managed Service


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