I have an idea!

You might have an incredible idea that you’re really excited about, but you may be wondering where to start?

Your idea could be anything from creating better efficiency within your organisation to remove paperwork or a revolutionary idea that could evolve your sector. No matter what your idea is, we’re here to help you get started.

Some burning questions

How much does X cost?

It will come as a little surprise that all software development costs are based on specification. “Ballpark” is a common term used to try to estimate the cost of a product or service, especially for a startup trying to ascertain it’s initial costs.

How long does it take?

Developing an app from concept to launch depends on many factors, such as how far along the business behind the app is, how advanced the idea is, and how much resource is available to the project.

Contact us and we can give you an idea of typical timelines for developing products and services.

Need help? More questions? Talk to us

As part of your team, we can:

Validate and justify your idea

Will it work? Is it new? What problems will I face?

Give you confidence with your idea

We will help dig into all of the business details

Prepare you for investment

Build fast. Get users. We’ll help.

Creative influence on design and user experience

We have years and years of experience working is UX

Help you find the right resources to develop the project

We have developers, designers, project managers and more

Guide you in monetising your product or service

Did you know Apple takes 30% of your app sales?

Reach Out

With in-depth commercial knowledge of apps and extensive experience in working with varied sectors, we work with you to take your idea from concept to reality.