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Here at Riselabs, we help you develop new business technology. We will handle the technical side from tech specs, UI/UX, development and deployment.

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Jackson is building his dream product with Riselabs


OKButton is a new micro-network for checking in on your friends and loved ones πŸ‘Œ

An iOS Swift native app, featuring slick UI and user-friendly animations. With an overall focus on speed of interaction between the user and the service.

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19th May 2021 in Articles, Innovation

Brand Story: What is it and why is it essential to your success?

A brand story is a cohesive narrative that incorporates the facts and feelings created by your branding or marketing team. Omari discusses why getting it right, is a real key…
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10th May 2021 in Articles

How to manage others, when you can’t manage yourself

It's no secret that the pandemic has left us all feeling stressed and exhausted. Our Project Manager Alina sheds some light on how this can affect your management style, and…
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14th April 2021 in Articles

Riselabs’ OKButton app featured in monthly DPiP talk!

Riselabs' app development, OKButton, has been featured by Digital People in Peterborough (DPiP) in their April Monthly Meetup! DPiP is a community founded to promote all things digital in Peterborough…
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13th April 2021 in Articles

The Seven Most Common Mistakes During MVP Software Development

Firstly, what is an MVP in the context of app, software and web development? MVP stands for "Minimum Viable Product". It's a product version with a basic set of features…
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29th March 2021 in Articles

How to successfully manage a team you’ve never seen

Have you ever faced a situation where a sales manager has left you with a brand new client, and you have a whole team of developers who only shrug when…
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8th March 2021 in Articles

The architech before the build: our Discovery Process

Trust us. With software development, documenting the technical requirements robustly and comprehensively ahead of time will help the project progress effectively with minimal complications.
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