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Questions that are common within software development along with our answers.

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What is Software Automation?

Software automation concerns using software to re-engineer any process in your business to improve efficiency and increase value. Automation can stem from creating autonomy where manual processes exist, or by making certain system communicate with each other more effectively to make your business more efficient.

What is Software Innovation?

Riselabs define software innovation as development that either solves a problem or create a new service that is different to what already exists. Within innovation projects, Riselabs can support you through the planning process of what is achievable, roadmapping the best route to success before development.

What is a Native Mobile Application?

Native application development means that an app is built specifically for a system, be it [iOS or Android]. Developing natively ensures that user experience and capabilities for future development are not limited in any way. Should you require an app for iOS and Android, however, this requires dedicated development to each technology.

What is a Hybrid Mobile Application?

Hybrid application development ensures we can use one framework to develop an app both for iOS and Android technologies. This means a moderate upfront development cost, with limitations on implementing additional device specific features.

I want to sell an application via Apple’s App Store. What is the cost?

In order to sell an application on Apple’s App Store, you will be required to register for the Apple Developer Program, which is priced at an annual fee of $99 (USD). Find out more about Apple Account Creation.

I want to sell an application via the Google Play Store. What is the cost?

In order to sell the app on the Google Play store, Google will charge a one-off fee of $25. Please note that Google Play also takes 30% of the sales revenue from the merchant.


If you have any questions surrounding software development that aren’t in this list, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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