Riselabs wants awesome people who think like us to cowork with us.


We have the space.

We want to share it with local freelancers.

We’re taking on a secure space at the Allia Future Business Centre with a capacity of around 8 persons, we’re also hiring and if you’re interested in that too contact us.

What’s the deal?

Allia Future Business Centre has a brilliant Hatchery co-working space. We’re the first company to move through the hatchery and outgrown the space. So we want to take on a bigger more secure space for us, hire new team members and share the space with like minded freelancers. The cost for everyone is the same as a desk in the Hatchery, and you’re free to move back in there later if you wish.


What’s the benefit?

Riselabs (if you don’t know us) design and develop technical software solutions for startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses. From apps to the web and other platforms. Sharing our space with those who have completely different work styles, ideas, clients and skills is a hugely beneficial mutual relationship to establish. We can share thoughts, work, and know who to ask if something specific needs to be done - and know that the people around us understand how we all work and think.

The space will also be secure. Behind reception and out of sight of the rest of the building we’ll have a keycard entrance and a locked door. You can leave your kit there knowing it’s out of the way*. We’ll all know each other and build mutual trust in the room.

*Note that, like the Hatchery, this is a coworking space and you will need to secure your own hardware etc.

To sum it up

Share a space with like minded people

Mutual NDA for the room - coworking without the worry

Benefit from the Allia Future Business Centre

Riselabs will be investing in the space to make it more creative

Same cost as a permanent coworking desk in the other parts of the building

Open up partnerships and opportunities to share skills

Your Responsibilities

1. To maintain reasonable insurance to cover your business and equipment our insurance will not cover you even tho we are in the same office.

2. You enter in agreement with Allia themselves and pay them directly, this means you can move around the building as you wish in the future.

The space

We have a 8 person capacity room and flexible layout of desk placements. We’re planning to invest in the space with sofas and other social perks as we want it to feel as creative as the people in the room are. We’ll keep things super flexible with room layouts and how people want to work.

It’s ground floor with a large windowed, locked, double door to the carpark. Nice and bright.

Parking at the future business center is free.

Future Business Centre Peterborough

The future

We’re taking on the space as we’re growing. We’re sharing the space as we haven’t grown yet. Opposite our room is the Nest, and the Hatchery is down the corridor. Both will be available for you to move easily to if the space starts to fill up. We will make sure we give you at least 3 months notice before we are looking to take the whole space on as a company and we don’t envision this happening for a year or two.

What other advantages does this have?

Other than working with likeminded people we’ll be bringing people into the space who work the same way. It also gives you and us a business advantage of having a pool of skill and talent to call “partners” which has the potential to bring in more business. Which is good for you and for us.

Sounds Awesome!?

Let's do this!

It is awesome (and we’re excited about it)! Contact us with your details, what you do and why you’d like to cowork with us and we’ll get right back to you.