Platform Cost Calculator

Our platform cost calculator pricing tool indicates what kind of figure you’d be looking to pay for your new platform. Choose from various platform features and add on the various components that you need, and if you wish to go bespoke or template. We’ll present you with a ballpark figure and an option to fill out our short form so that we can contact you to provide you with a final quotation.



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Platform Type

Do you need a bespoke custom built platform or want to use pre-existing technology?


A fully custom built platform using a Laravel PHP framework. Best-in-class for unique platforms and long-term viability.


A template platform uses a pre-existing WordPress (or similar) framework where the technology exists and needs bringing together.

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Who is your audience for the platform?

Internal Use

Is this used within your company to share data internally?


Is this used for trade between companies providing an invited interaction and service?


Is this used for customer facing public systems where data is sent in and out by the public?

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Management Functions

What kinds of functions to manage the platform do you require?


User Accounts

x 100 users (up to)


Admin Accounts

x 10 admin users (up to)

Data Analytics

Import/Export Data

SSO (Single Sign On)

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Interaction Functions

What kinds of functions do you require?

User Profiles

Company Profiles

Teams & Groups

Comms (chat/messaging)

Content Editor

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Data Functions

How will you use your data?


Single Database

Best for smaller projects with lower data security

Multi Database

Used for bigger projects requiring seperation of data per company/team/group etc.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Who will look after your platform?

Self hosted/maintained

Fully hosted/maintained

(+ cost per 12 months)

Pre-population of content by our team

Let our team upload your content, import users and other data

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Retrieve & save your full estimate

The final estimated price (ex VAT) is:

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Is this quote final?

No – it’s to give you an understanding on our pricing structure. Your project could turn out to cost more or less depending on other functions/features and requirements. If you’re happy with the estimation you’re given, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting.

What about hosting and maintenance?

Please note that every platform will require hosting and maintenance. Both of these services are required for your platform to be live on the Internet and are most commonly purchased annually. If you want to host your platform with us, be sure to check the hosting option in the calculator towards the end. If you want to handle hosting yourself, simply select the self-hosting option.

It’s also important to consider how to maintain your platform after it is launched, as regular updates, improvements and security patches are essential.

What about project timings?

We ask for expected start and launch dates to help verify if a project is viable or not. Rushing a project for launch is not recommended, but we can work with you to decide how to break down your platform into smaller launchable components called an MVP (minimal viable product).