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BGB Innovation is a leading Design and Engineering Manufacturer. BGB recently developed underwater lighting systems to be used by boat owners, recognising an opportunity to improve  the accessibility for the consumer who wanted to manipulate their lighting.  

We worked with BGB to build a cross platform application that could be used on Android and iOS, both on tablets and mobile phones, known as BGB SILS. Appealing to a high-end consumer market, this was designed for users of  their Submersive Inductive Lighting Systems and, within the application, users could control their boat lighting system from their phone or mobile device. Additionally, we developed an app geared for the Apple Watch, as our consumer research dictated that BGB SILS’ market largely owned Apple Watches.

The app allows users to manipulate a number of functions, including sequencing the lights, assigning lamps to groups and manually controlling both system and colour.  Additionally, users can simply turn the lights on and off within the app, as well as refer to the settings within the app for any technical support.   


BGB had been displaying their tech at boat shows when they identified a need for a digital solution. They saw an added value in their potential customers being able to control a complex boat lighting system through a sleek, easy-to-use software application. We also developed a detailed assessment of the essential and desirable features within the app, so we had a clear idea of what BGB were looking for.


In order to develop a fully-functioning solution that ticked all of the boxes for BGB, we had to ensure the viability of such an idea. We surveyed all of our competitors’ systems to know what was offered within applications and the technical capabilities of the hardware they complemented. We also evaluated the scope of what remote applications within the market were capable of and what would be required by BGB’s prospective users.  With this background and our technical knowledge, we then got to work designing a prototype, consistently refining the design and feel through consulting with BGB. We also ensured that the software’s innovation set it apart from competitors whilst still being able to seamlessly perform its primary functions.

Working closely with BGB, we considered the following objectives throughout the design and development process:

  • Clean, easy to use design.
  • Innovation: creating an app that could provide a universal solution.
  • Consistency across the various software platforms we were using: iOS, Android, the Apple Watch.
  • Competitive, unique and revolutionary in the market.
  • Accessibility for the consumer; removing complexity and technicality in favour of a more practical method for consumer engagement.


Working with a third party hardware can often present a challenge. By critically analysing BGB’s lighting systems, we were able to ensure the software would integrate perfectly. We were also  able to smoothly and effectively translate the existing iOS app to the Apple Watch through diligent and dedicated design.


Riselabs’ end result was a cross platform application that could be used on Android and iOS, both on tablets, mobile phones and the Apple Watch. We initially built the iOS application, using this version of the app to gather feedback from users at events and boat shows. This feedback informed our refinement process to improve the user experience. Following this, we also developed the application for Android.

BGB SILS are now in the final stages of developing the hardware for their lighting systems and consistently improving their product. Since working with them and developing their app, they have visited five boat shows to date, receiving positive feedback both for their hardware and our software application. The application is already publicly available, and BGB are preparing to roll this out alongside their hardware launch in the near future.

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