Manual Task Automation

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Replace time-consuming manual tasks in favour of simple digital processes, giving you more time to spend on your business.

Riselabs can replace time-consuming manual tasks in favour of simple digital processes, giving you more time to spend on your business.

For example, if three members of staff spend half an hour a day each transcribing data from paper to system they have already, at a rate of £20 an hour, 15 hours are being lost within the business a week, at a value of around £15000 a year which could be better appropriated elsewhere.

The tasks that business undertake that are considered arduous, repetitive and, importantly, a drain on time can often be automated. Each business differs in the manual tasks they undertake, so Riselabs assesses each business based upon their specific processes to evaluate how those processes can be reengineered with technology. It is by employing a carefully-considered approach to your current working methods and planning what you want to achieve next that we can automate processes to perfectly integrate into your operations, and afford you extra time to be spending on more business critical matters.


Automating what can be considered as a small but manual tasks that is frequently performed can create surprising savings on the tie your staff attribute to it. When a job is completed automatically at a fraction of the time it used to take, the presentation of time saving across a month-long period can be vast. Below, we have detailed some of the common problems which can be reduced and even eliminated through implementing business efficiency.

Work is Being Replicated by using a Paper-Based Process

Time can be saved by removing a paper based system that often stems from staff members being out on location with clients, which must be added to the system later. Instead, we can build applications to be leveraged on tablets to ensure all client information is captured and sent directly to the office, leaving the objective for the day completed when the member of staff leaves the location.

Different Individual Processes are Complicating Spreadsheets

In order to mitigate the risk of different processes being misunderstood, automation can ensure that all team members follow one simple, best practice procedure so that information within the system is universally understood.

It is Hard to Determine Whether a Task has Been Actioned

Much time can be spent querying who has performed specific tasks. Instead, systems can be implemented to ensure actions are to be completed by a designated member of staff and by a designated deadline. This ensures it is always clear who is accountable for a task and whether it has been actioned.

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