Customer Relationship Management

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Measure every part of your client communication and deals through the entire lifecycle, from a centralised system.

Customer Relationship Management software is a centralised point for tracking everything to do with your customers, clients and the conversations you are having with them.

From each stage of a client lifecycle from capturing a lead through to closing a deal, you can measure every part of your client communication.

Several third party software solutions exist,  such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho CRM. However, Riselabs can create a fully-customised solution that ensures your CRM is perfectly aligned with your current processes and integrates with the rest of your business. As well as the benefits of contact storage and retrieval, you can set prompts for new actions to be taken, such as contact prospective clients, send contracts or follow up on proposals for work. We can also develop a CRM that is perfectly geared to multiple staff members’ use, for collaboration on client communication and delegation where required.


Some CRM Systems that exist may be perfectly geared for you business, performing all the necessary functions you require to employ a more joined up approach in your client communication.  However, a bespoke option is often necessary if some of your methods of communication vary from client to client or where a number of variables exist. Below are some common issues that can be solved with the right CRM solution.

It is difficult to centrally capture data on a client

All data can be captured centrally, allowing for reports on client data based upon parameters that are valuable to your business.

I can’t manage the way I work with priority clients in the way I want

In order to best manage clients based upon the needs of the business, technology can be used to apply business knowledge to prompts and alerts surrounding specific client data. This can includes the likes of email triggers to speak to specific clients, or generate a specific report that compares your month-by-month deal acquisition.

Different staff report in different ways

To alleviate the effects of multiple staff reporting in different ways, client and supplier data can be stored in formats that are best recognised by the business. Additionally, specific team members can be assigned to either specific tasks or accounts to ensure that accountability is clear and any crossover of roles can also be clearly communicated. An expansive range of data can also be captured by a system, largely depending on what the requirements are.

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