Growing your business with a CTO

Projects grow quickly when you have investment and big ideas.

That’s great!

What’s the problem?

Suddenly there's a lot of things happening.

Business and technology now meet and diverge.

Common problems

Lost in translation

Setting up a project is like speaking in a different language. AWS, Azure, Hybrid, Servers, Apps etc. – what does it all mean? What do I need to do?

I have limited time

As a business owner or entrepreneur, your time is valuable, and you should not be dealing with project management, writing specifications and coordinating tech.

I am not technical

New teams are shipping you things that need review, approval and sign off to make things happen. But, how do you know these things are then happening?

Your time is valuable

Now is not the time to make rushed decisions and risky mistakes early on in developing your new idea and venture.

Your role is to lead and push your business forward. You are your businesses most valuable asset.

Wasting time on meetings and irrelevant conversations takes you away from what you should be doing.

Solution? Delegate

You’ve brought in design, development and other experts to help with areas that are not your expertise (and are not a good use of your time) – but what about the product overall?

There is a large gap between you, as a business leader, and your team, who are actively moving your product forward.

Do you have a CTO?

Most startups and new business ideas do not have someone to have those conversations around technology and the application to your business.

Without a suitable conduit in place between you and your highly functional teams, it’s impossible to have full scope and oversight on progress.

What is a "helicopter" CTO?

Bringing in a full-time CTO or any C-level role is an expensive endeavour, requiring lengthy interviews and plenty of paperwork.


Alternatively, bringing in a stand-in or helicopter CTO allows your business to gain expertise today instantly and to create, deliver and support strategies that mitigate risk and accelerate growth.

focuses on:

  • Accountability for tech, teams and suppliers.
  • Driving innovation, efficiency and effectiveness across the business.
  • Using tech to increase company value, often through online and digital initiatives.
  • Oversees development of bespoke and complex software and apps.
  • Representing tech initiatives to investors, the media or other external stakeholders if needed.

We're your tech voice

Your H-CTO works between you and your current and future resources to facilitate conversations around innovation and scale

Riselabs helps you innovate and scale

We curate and filter information from the development team into realistic business objectives, including any issues, blockers or unknowns and provide you with potential solutions to those problems.

As a stand-in CTO for the company, our expert innovation consultants provide insight and command over the ongoing development of your project – freeing up your time to lead your business.