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Spreadsheets are everywhere. However, not all are created equal.

Spreadsheets are commonplace in business. It’s no surprise – their capabilities are often perfect for completing the task at hand.

However,issues can arise for more complex processes. These can range from user versioning through to formulas rejecting data. So, if you’re using spreadsheets for business-critical activity, you might want to consider the value of something that can save you time, money and resources. So, why move away from the spreadsheet?

Why Move away From the Spreadsheet?

  • Whilst spreadsheets have formulaic logic, changes made to the data that is supplied can cause issues. Whilst you could create a workaround, making changes needs advanced knowledge. What’s more, this only offers a temporary solution. Once a dataset changes, it’s likely that problems could occur again.
  • As a result, the staff time spent making ongoing fixes could be better spent creating a system that can autonomously handle data changes and respond accordingly.
  • Finally, a lack of versioning can cause confusion among multiple users populating a spreadsheet, so manual processes have to be implemented to circumvent this.

Your business is probably losing time and money by not adopting a more efficient system.

What Does this Solve?

You can reduce the time spent on repetitive manual processes by using the right tool. Taking this time back allows your staff to spend this time better elsewhere. What’s more, the time recouped into your business can be significant. You can measure this yourself with our Task Calculator.

The tool that’s right for your business removes the limitations you face with your spreadsheets. You can consolidate what you need into a system that fits with the way you need to work. This means that tasks are easy to undertake, reporting is simple and adding new data doesn’t require hugely technical workarounds.

This is not a call to abandon the spreadsheet altogether. There’s impressive functionality when the task at hand is fit for purpose. However, sometimes it might be worth considering if there is simply a better option for your business in the longer term.



Jackson is the Founder of Riselabs and gets a real buzz from helping businesses improve their processes. When he isn't consulting with his clients to help them build a bespoke product that will change their business, he can be found travelling the world with his camera by his side. Jackson loves nothing more than life's adventures, and has the pictures to prove it.